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Best hosting for WordPress Convesio
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Best hosting for WordPress – Convesio

When it comes to choosing the best hosting for WordPress, Convesio web hosting provider is one that comes to mind. Convesio is a relatively new web hosting company so we wanted to give it a try and test it out to prepare an honest review that many of you have been looking for. Let’s get into the review and find out how was our experience with Convesio.


Convesio service price is the first thing that comes to mind when wanting to review this company. I must say that the prices are quite high compared to most WordPress hosting providers that we know so well, such as Godaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost, SiteGround, and many more. It starts at $150 per month which does not seem so appealing for new website owners. But is it really worth the money?

Is it really the best WordPress hosting?

There is a reason behind every price tag, especially in a business industry like web hosting. The price is relevant for a top-tier product that Convesio is. It is a high availability business-level service with a web hosting service experience that I could even call luxury. And here is why. When we compare it with the popular mass hosting providers, the biggest problem with them is the downtime and numerous errors if your WordPress (or other CMS) website is a high-traffic type. As we know, downtime is not acceptable if you are in the eCom or performance marketing industry – time is money and lost time equals financial losses. I can say that it indeed is one of the best WordPress hosting providers thanks to their error-free high availability service.

Managed WordPress hosting service or unmanaged one?

If you are looking to have an easy-to-use managed WordPress hosting service, this is the provider is one to consider. Do they provide one of the best (if not the best) user experiences in managed WordPress hosting? What I look for in WordPress hosting is a dashboard with integrated management tools and settings toggles. One that allows you to toggle your tweaks with easy and hassle-free. I like to have the luxury to leave all the backend to the professional service provider while focusing on your website content. Something that leaves out the requirement to have any tech skills at all even if you have them, I am sure you will like the relaxed experience with their cutting-edge UX design. A company that offers this is Hostinger. Does Convesion have this feature?  It is one of our next tasks to test out so stay tuned for an update!
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